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Silver Silver Silver Silver SILVER
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Style: Psytrance 144 bpm

Références: Ital, Tristan, Avalon, Hypnocoustics, Earthspace, Hypnoise, Shekinah, Killer Watts…

Born on October 26th 1981 in Paris, passionate since the beginning about electronic music, he discovered trance music in 1996 with the compilation “Goa head”.
He made his beginnings in 1999, and played for the first time in 2002 in the Gibus club (Paris). This same year everything has started. As he entered the first Dj school in France, the UCPA of Lyon for a training course on musical and scenic organisation, he joined the ANTHARES team, famous for underground events and after-parties, and became resident Dj of Virtual Moon and Club Trance nights at the Gibus.
In 2004, he formed the Neo Tek Spirits association for psytrance events organisation, and invited famous artists such as Broken toy, Optokopler, PTX, Wicked hayo, Sunrize, Zaraus.
In 2008, after a 3 years preparation came the great departure for Koh phangan , Thailand where Silver joined the ILLUSION team to organize the Jungle Experience parties and the Psykedeklik Parties with the KIMAO team.
He came back to France in 2011 to reform the NTS team for the Elektrip vibes party with Hyper Frequencies and Mesmerizer.
In a psychedelic and full-on style, Silver mixes to make our body and mind travel to unknown and unforgettable destinations.

Acid Noise Acid Noise ACID NOISE
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Style: Psytrance, Full-On, Progressive 140-150 bpm

Références: Vibe Tribe, X-Noise, Delirious et Paranormal Attack...

Acid-Noise grew up in a world of electronic music, he was introduced to Psytrance music by Vibe Tribe, X-Noise, Delirious and Paranormal Attack. After 2 years mixing, he naturally started to create his own sound, guided by a “full-on” rhythm.
Acid-Noise’s creations make us travel in the psychedelic universe of trance music combining hypnotic b-lines with catchy melodies.
He joined Neo Tek Spirits in 2012. After his psychedelic mix ignited dancefloors at the ElekTrip Vibes 2013 party, Acid-Noise will introduce us to his new compositions in a live set at the ChandraKanta party.

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Style: Progressive, Psyprog, Minimal 130-145 bpm

Références: Neelix, Ace Ventura, Kularis, Elmute, Etic, Audiomatic, Phaxe, Symphonix, Lish, akD, Liquid Soul etc...

Born in 1978 in the North of France, he has been introduced to free parties thanks Heretik, UFO, le petit peuple and Spiral Tribe. In 1997 he started to arrange small free parties with his friends. He went to his first Trance party in Drenan in 2000, and has never left this world since then.
Strong supporter and friend of Man’s ANTHARES parties, he met Silver there in 2003. As the idea of Neo Tek Spirits NTS started to emerge from Silver’s mind, Wil has decided to join the team and to lend his hands for parties organization.
He has worked every weekend with famous Trance Associations and has made a positive contribution in every organization activities.
Despite life hazards, he gave more and more energy to propose affordable underground parties "Morning Vibrations" from 2007 to 2011, and to create his own association WAYABOOM in 2010 offering really good parties. In the same time, he has started mixing just for pleasure and then in parties. As Silver came back from Thailand, he invested himself into the successful Electrip vibes, organization and the big 10 years NTS birthday Chandrakanta party.

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Style: Full-On, Progressive, Psyprog 137-145 bpm

Références: U-Recken, Astrix, GMS, Infected Mushroom, XSI, Life Extension, Phaxe, Symphonix, Vertical Mode, Perfect Stranger, Infinity, Ace ventura

Sayani was born in 1981 in the Burgundy region of France. Since her young years, she was rocked by the music of The Doors, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and then in 1995 was attracted by the beautiful clear electronic melodies of Jean-Michel Jarre and house techno music. A year after that, she started mixing behind vinyl turntables, and enjoyed creating stories through music she likes. In the next 10 years, she has opened up to different styles of music (hard tech, hard cord, dub, drum and bass).
In the next 10 years, she has opened up to different styles of music (hard tech, hard cord, dub, drum and bass).
After several years of night events, festivals and free parties in French provinces, she finally met the trance Parisian tribe in 2005. At that point, she started mixing trance music on CD turntables deeply favoring Full On sounds (U-Recken, Astrix, GMS, Infected Mushroom, XSI, Life Extension... ).
Today, Sayani relies on the vibrant and captivating bass of Phaxe, Symphonix, Vertical Mode, Perfect Stranger, Infinity, Ace Ventura … to make you dream and tap your feet on crazy rhythms !